Deploying MySQL on CentOS 7 for vRealize Automation blueprints

20161114-1Over the weekend I began preparing a multi-tier application blueprint in vRealize Automation for an upcoming talk at the UK North-West VMUG. Rather than re-invent the wheel (and more importantly because I’m lazy), I decided to re-use a blueprint from the VMware {code} site. The one I’d chosen used MySQL, which for a quick and dirty live demo is ideal.  Continue reading

Deploying containers with vRealize Automation 7.2 – Part 1: Containers

20161114-1This week I have been designing a vRealize Automation 7.2 solution for a customer. One of the things that came out of the solution requirements workshop was the ability for vRA to deploy and potentially manage containers. Whilst I knew it was possible, it encouraged me to look deeper at the technology. Thankfully it wasn’t long before a use case emerged. Continue reading

Editing vRealize Automation appliance PostgreSQL database by hand

20150912 - 1About a month ago I accidentally deleted a SQL database as part of a migration to a new failover cluster.  The database in question was the IaaS database used by my vRealize Automation installation, and no backup was available.  Mistakes like that in a lab happen from time to time and are okay, as long as you can be the one to fix them. Continue reading

Building an advanced lab using VMware vRealize Automation – Part 11: Configure endpoint & fabric/business groups

20150630 - vRAIn part 10 we configured the vRealize Automation default tenant for our lab. We decided against using multiple tenants as the lab is only hosting one organization, and business groups utilizing it will be defined using other means.

In this part, we configure the blueprints which will make up our service catalog. Continue reading

Building an advanced lab using VMware vRealize Automation – temporary stoppage in play

20150630 - vRAIf you have been following my series on vRealize Automation then you will have noticed I have not posted anything in the last week.

This is due to an error I’ve encountered whilst trying to add a licence for the IaaS components. Once I have resolved this (or pulled out all my hair and called VMware!) I will continue on with the series.

Thanks for checking back.