Wednesday Tidbit: Adding the SQL Server Agent to a Windows Failover Cluster

20150916 - 1Yesterday I decided it was time to patch my VMware vCenter 5.5 hosts to the recently released Update 3. As I make use of properly configured SSL certificates, each component (SSO, Web Client, Inventory and vCenter Server) has to be installed separately. However when I came to install the last one, I ran into an issue. Continue reading

Editing vRealize Automation appliance PostgreSQL database by hand

20150912 - 1About a month ago I accidentally deleted a SQL database as part of a migration to a new failover cluster.  The database in question was the IaaS database used by my vRealize Automation installation, and no backup was available.  Mistakes like that in a lab happen from time to time and are okay, as long as you can be the one to fix them. Continue reading