Building an advanced lab using VMware vRealize Automation – Part 9: Deploy and configure the IaaS platform

20150630 - vRAIn part 8 we installed and configured the vRealize Automation Appliance into the lab.

In this part we deploy and configure the IaaS platform.  This will involve building a Windows Server VM and installing the requisite components.  Once done, we will secure the platform with an SSL certificate from our Certificate Authority. Continue reading

Building an advanced lab using VMware vRealize Automation – Part 7: Configure vCenter Server Appliance SSL certificates

20150630 - vRAIn part 6 we installed and configured a vCenter Server Appliance in the lab.  This will manage the various components, plus serve as an endpoint for vRealize Automation.

In this post we replace the default SSL certificates from the vCSA with trusted certificates from our in-house certificate authority. Continue reading

Building OpenSSL on NetBSD using pkgsrc

20150711 - NetBSD logoOn 9 July 2015 the OpenSSL Project patched a number of their releases, namely 1.0.1 and 1.0.2.  Here in the datacenter I run 1.0.2a, so it was time to build a new version to bring us up to 1.0.2d.

Compiling any new package for NetBSD is far from trivial and due to the lack of a configured cross-compiler for my architecture (mipsel) means it takes a quite a while.  Therefore there was no time to lose. Continue reading