Wednesday Tidbit: Creating a UCS backup on an F5 appliance

20151007 - 1Despite the majority of my day-to-day work being centred around the VMware platform and Microsoft Exchange, I often have to work with other technologies.  One example are F5 appliances, as these often provide the load-balancing to View and Exchange installations.

I have just acquired four F5 virtual edition licences for my lab, and before I get started with APM and various shenanigans, I want to make sure I’ve backed up my user configuration file (UCS).

The UCS includes the following:

  • Configuration files
  • Licence keys
  • Local user accounts
  • SSL certificates and key pairs

Logon to the F5 and in the sidebar, navigate to System and then Archives:

20151007 - 2

On the right-hand side, click Create:

20151007 - 3

Give the file a name and click Finished.  I have opted to go without encryption as the file will be stored on an encrypted partition anyway.

When the backup is complete, you will receive a message like the following:

20151007 - 4

SSH to your device to retrieve it for safekeeping.

To generate a UCS from the command line, first SSH to your device and then run the Traffic Management Shell:


Use the following to generate the file (substitute accordingly):

save /sys ucs /var/local/ucs/20151007_f5-1.ucs

Again, store the file locally for safekeeping.

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