Have you checked out the VMUG Advantage?

20160206 - 1Recently I renewed my VMware User Group Advantage subscription, and I was reminded how just how amazing the benefits are that come with it. If you’re an IT professional with a home or cloud lab (eg. Ravello) and an interest in the VMware platform, then you should definitely check it out!

The list of benefits is extensive and consists of:

20160206 - 2

For me the biggest advantage is access to VMware’s EVALExperience – a full-featured list of software for non-production use. This includes:

Together with the above you also get $600 of vCloud Air service credit per year ($300 for the first six months and another $300 for the next). If you’re lacking a decent home lab then this is a fantastic alternative to testing the above software on.

Together with access to the above there’s also a long list of discounts on training, exams and VMworld registration.

I was surprised to learn at just how affordable this package is… just $200 a year! That’s an absolute bargain.

For more information, check out the VMUG Advantage at https://www.vmug.com/advantage.

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