Uninstall the Horizon View Toolbox before upgrading your Connection Servers

20151023 - 1Late last year I worked on a vRealize Automation project for customer in the training industry. They required their users to be able to request a Horizon View desktop from the self-service catalog, and subject to approval, one is provisioned. This week I wanted to replicate this in the lab as a full Desktop-as-a-Service model.

Before I got started, I thought it would be an ideal time to upgrade my lab environment to the newly-released Horizon View 7.1.

As per the documentation, I began upgrading my View Composer server followed by my connection servers. However after upgrading, I could no longer access the admin page on each server:

Not tonight sunshine…

The requisite services had started, the correct firewall ports were open and there were no errors in the event log. This started to get very weird.

It then occurred to me that I’d previously installed the extremely useful Horizon View Toolbox, and this might by interfering with things.

Ah, there you are…

Once I’d uninstalled the toolbox and rebooted, I upgraded the connection server without issue.

3 thoughts on “Uninstall the Horizon View Toolbox before upgrading your Connection Servers

    • What option did you choose at reinstallation (Standalone or Replica). We had 2 Connection servers. On the first one the upgrade succeed but Security Gateway service failed to start (Horizon Toolbox installed).


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