Wednesday Tidbit: Enable the Timing Profiler in VMware View 7.2

20151023 - 1On 20 June 2017 VMware released the latest version of Horizon View – 7.2. Whilst this release contained a number of product features and enhancements, one of the ones most helpful to teams supporting VDI implementations in the new Helpdesk Tool

To access the tool, append “/helpdesk” to your View Connection Server/load-balancer URL. Once you’re logged in, find the user you’re trying to support to view their desktop statistics in realtime:

Select the desktop you wish to troubleshoot:

This will show CPU, memory and latency (not shown above) for the desktop. However, to show the timings for things like how long it takes to load the user profile, apply GPOs etc, we need to enable the timing profile.

To do this, log on to the Connection Server and run the following command:

vdmadmin -I -timingProfiler -enable

Once enabled, the additional metrics outlined above will be viewable:

Looking good!

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