Wednesday Tidbit: VMware AppVolumes bug deletes SSL certificates on upgrade

Recently I upgraded my AppVolumes 2.18 and 4.0 installations to the latest version.  The event log on each server showed the installation as successful, returning “code 0” accordingly. To add to this, all services started as you would expect.

Unfortunately, both applications became unavailable, and couldn’t be reached when attempting to browse to them.

The Cause

It appears that the developers, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to delete all custom SSL certificates ending in “.cer” when performing an upgrade. This is a new thing, and certainly didn’t happen when upgrading from AppVolumes 2.17 to 2.18.

The fix is to either put your certificate back, or rename it to a “.crt” and update your nginx.conf file accordingly.

Please note: at the time of writing (5 May), this does not appear in any release notes going back as far as 2.14. Although I expect it to be hastily added soon.

Whilst software development is hard, this sort of “feature” just should not happen. Furthermore if it does, it should be documented in big, bold, neon pink lettering.

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