Wednesday Tidbit: Migrating an embedded PSC to an external PSC

20160202 - 1Recently I deployed a new vSphere 6 vCenter with an embedded Platform Services Controller to the home lab for a PoC. Whilst the deployment was only meant to be temporary, it has evolved into a permanent feature. Unfortunately I need scalability with my PSC (high availability and across sites), so the embedded just wasn’t going to work. I needed to migrate it to an external PSC.

In the following example I had previously deployed an embedded PSC with vCenter to

The first step of the migration was to deploy another PSC (called, this time selecting External Platform Services Controller during the installation wizard:

20160203 - 2

I then chose to join an existing SSO domain:

20160203 - 3

I then selected the same site:

20160203 - 4

Finally I completed the PSC installation.

The next step was to repoint the existing vCenter to the new Platform Services Controller. To do this I SSH’d onto the console of the existing PSC/VC and used (substitute text in bold accordingly):

cmsso-util reconfigure --repoint-psc --username administrator --domain-name vsphere.local --passwd VMware1!

When the command completed it returned:20160203 - 5That’s all there was to it. It’s worth noting that the above is only possible using vSphere 6 Update 1. If your vCenter is running a version prior to this then you will need to upgrade first.

The next step is to configure my F5 LTMs to load-balance the PSCs, which I shall cover at a later date.

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