Wednesday Tidbit: Installing Certbot and the Route53 plugin on CentOS 8

This will be the smallest blog post I’ve ever created, but I simply had to share this as it has been winding me up all night.

To install Certbot, and more importantly the AWS Route53 plugin on CentOS 8, you first need the Python Package Manager – known as PIP.

Install it using:

yum install python3-pip

Verify the list of packages installed using:

pip3 list

Now install Certbot and the Route5 plugin using:

pip3 install certbot-dns-route53

Once this has been done, list the packages again. You will see that amongst the new additions there will be acme, certbot and certbot-dns-route53.

Verify the Route53 plugin is listed correctly using:

certbot plugins

If successful you should then see:

Happy securing!!

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