Implementing a VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with Horizon View 6.2 – Part 7: Load-balancing

20151023 - 1So far in the series we have installed our View Connection Servers and provisioned both desktops and applications. In this part we introduce load-balancing to ensure our requests for resources are equally distributed, and that in the event a Connection Server fails, we can still provision resources to our users.
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Wednesday Tidbit: Migrating an embedded PSC to an external PSC

20160202 - 1Recently I deployed a new vSphere 6 vCenter with an embedded Platform Services Controller to the home lab for a PoC. Whilst the deployment was only meant to be temporary, it has evolved into a permanent feature. Unfortunately I need scalability with my PSC (high availability and across sites), so the embedded just wasn’t going to work. I needed to migrate it to an external PSC. Continue reading